South America – Santiago de Chilé – Part 4

The Gran Torre Santiago – also known as the Costanera Center Torre (tower) – is 64 stories high and the tallest building in South America.  It stands out noticably against the rest of the city of Santiago and the foothills of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Its a beautiful building that is part of a complex of shopping and eating venues which also includes the largest shopping mall in South America.

2.26.18 santiago costanera22.26.18 santiago costanera2.26.18 santiago costanera3

At the top is an observation deck called Sky Costanera which provides panoramic views of the city while watching the light change from day …

I just noticed that the photo below is exactly the one I was taking in this shot!

2.26.18 santiago costanera122.26.18 santiago costanera102.26.18 santiago costanera72.26.18 santiago costanera9

…to golden…

2.26.18 santiago costanera132.26.18 santiago costanera11


These last two photos are compliments of Hannah!

…to dusk…

2.26.18 santiago skyview
This picture takes in Cerro San Cristobal where we were earlier in the day.  If you look at the tower on the hill in the center of the photo, you can see the statue of the Immaculate Conception just to the left.  There’s also an airplane in flight to the right of the tower and the Chilean Coastal Mountain Range is in the background.

This was the best way to end our day in this captivating city that was a perfect combination of urban sprawl and greenways…modern architecture and old city spaces.  So much to see…so little time.

2.26.18 santiago metro

After almost 40,000 steps according to our phones, we head back to our hotel to get a night’s rest and be ready for our bus trip the next day to the coastal towns of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar.





One thought on “South America – Santiago de Chilé – Part 4

  1. Great photographs once more! You’re getting the hang out of bursts 😉! I totally love the photo of the observation deck with the tiny two persons at the large windows and the warm light rays coming in! So beautiful! Have a great weekend! Marcus

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