South America – Santiago de Chilé – Part 1

I’ve finally finished organizing and editing all my photos after we returned from an incredible trip to South America to visit with Hannah while she’s on exchange in Chilé!

We haven’t been back a week so compared to my past delays in posting current events…I’m ahead of the game!  I’ve ended up with slightly less than 250 photos and that’s after a LOT of culling!  There were just so many amazing things to see!!  Don’t worry…I won’t post them all here!

Donald and I left the US on 24 February and landed in Santiago on the 25th.  Hannah flew in from her host town of Coqumibo, Chilé and met us at the airport.  It was so good to see her!!!  We haven’t put our arms around her since August!

We treated ourselves while we stayed in Santiago and booked our nights at the Marriott.  The view of the Andes foothills from our room did not disappoint!

250218 marriott view santiago

We spent that evening exploring the area around our hotel in a commune of Santiago called Las Condes consisting mostly of upscale shopping centers.  We found our local metro station and got familiarized with where we needed to go for our next day out.


Donald and I very quickly realized that we would have been in a lot of trouble had we not had our beautiful translator along for the ride!  Hannah’s fluency in Spanish after only 6 months was one of my personal highlights of the trip!  It was obviously incredibly helpful along the way, but as a parent, I couldn’t have been more proud of her language skills and LOVED listening to her interact with the people around us!

260218 donald hannah santiago2

The next morning we took the Red line from Manquehue (or as Donald calls it…Monkey Way) near our hotel to Santa Lucia in the heart of the old downtown and began to explore.

260218 dwntwn santiago260218 church santiago

260218 church santiago2

Love this shot that Hannah captured of Donald leaving the church!

We made sure to walk through the Plaza de Armas.  It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so the sun was shining and warm and there were lots of people out enjoying it!

260218 plazadearmas santiago260218 plazadearmas santiago2260218 plazadearmas santiago3260218 plazadearmas santiago4

I wish I could tell you what some of these other shots are from, but we were mostly just wandering and looking and taking pictures!

260218 dwntwn santiago4260218 dwntwn santiago3260218 chilean flag260218 treehugger santiago2

260218 dwntwn santiago5
Somewhere down in those people is Hannah buying some quick lunch for us!  There were street food vendors all along this area.  And the cars!  I was very grateful that we hadn’t been crazy enough to try and rent a car and drive anywhere on these tiny streets!

260218 plant window santiago260218 plant window santiago22.26.18 dwntwn santiago6

And yes…of course Starbucks!  Gotta support that home state enterprise!  Plus…its just good!

260218 santiago starbucks20180226_122756



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