snowshoeing at white pass

We finally made some time to head up to White Pass this weekend.  Instead of skiing, we tried out their nordic trails…a side of the park that I’ve never seen before.  The parking lots were packed when we arrived an hour after opening so I assumed that we would be crammed into the trails along with loads of other people.  Surprisingly…most everyone was skiing!  Besides very few others, mostly on cross country or skate skis, we had the snowshoe tracks to ourselves!

Looking south across a snowy Leech Lake towards the lifts


The sun peeking out for just a bit
“THE waterfall”…not very big, but gorgeous in the snowy landscape!
Who are these mini young adults that I call children??


The goal was making it to the waterfall that I’d been hearing about.  It was a 3 1/2 hour exhausting trek, but it was sooo worth it!  Mixtures of sunny and snowy moments made it gorgeous the entire way there and back!  And knowing there were going to be hot burgers and bowls of chili for lunch afterward kept some of us more motivated than others!


6 thoughts on “snowshoeing at white pass

    1. Yes!! It was a long way, but once we were about half way there I knew I’d regret it if we didn’t finish. The last 5 minutes were up hill and I thought i was gonna die! Haha! It’s a great way to take pictures in the snow though!

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  1. Wow, what a trip through a winter dream! What a great long exposure of the waterfall, and I absolutely love the photograph above with the sun shining through the tilted trees, that’s an awesome composition! Looks like you guys had a great time indeed 😀👍!

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    1. It was a nice day! I LOVE forests when the snow is heavy and soooo quiet! I was thinking about something you’d written in one of your posts when I took the picture of the sun between the trees! I’d never known that you needed to set a higher aperture to get the sun rays to show up better. I was trying for that, but the sun was too filtered behind clouds to really get a good shot… But its a great piece of knowledge I’ll put to the test another time!

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