kauai – third day/part three – kalalau valley

From Waimea Canyon we went further and ended up in Koke’e State Park at the Kalalau Valley lookout.  When we first peeked out at the ocean and valley, it was covered in a foggy mist.  But like magic, the fog cleared and the blue water and the green valley were breathtaking!




If you stop where the majority of people stop…you miss the best views.  So, we left the Lookout and started walking along the Pihea Trail which runs along the rim of the Kalalau Valley.

Our reward was some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen in my life!


In just two days we would get an opportunity to view this incredible landscape from the water!

One thought on “kauai – third day/part three – kalalau valley

  1. Oh yesssss…..I remember it as if it was yesterday. Beautiful photos!!!!! Although in 1993 Kauai was still devastated from the damages of Hurricane Iniki that struck the year before, the views from that lookout were indeed some of the most beautiful places that I’ve seen so far on this planet (and I’ve travelled to 57 countries). I also vividly remember the Helicopter trip we did into Waimea Canyon. Hey, it was our honeymoon after all 😉


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