kauai – second day – north shore

We started our day driving to the North Shore.  Our first stop was to see the Kilauea Lighthouse.  Unfortunately, we arrived somewhere around 9:30am and the gates that let you walk down to the lighthouse didn’t open until 10.  None of us wanted to stick around for 30 minutes in a parking lot, so I took a picture and we head off to our next stop.

Still pretty!!


We went to Hanalei.  It was a pretty spot and apparently very popular – a must see with the bay and the pier, etc.  We walked to the water and along the pier, but didn’t stay here long.  I was hoping to find a beach that had less people on it and was a good spot to snorkel.  It could have been the dirty baby diaper in the muddy parking lot, but I just didn’t feel like swimming here!

Again…still pretty!


We stopped for some shave ice – of course!!  Pina Colada with ice cream on the bottom!  Yum!  My new favorite way to eat it!


And of course…roosters!!


After Hanalei, we found Anini Beach on the way back.  It was the PERFECT spot!  We drove past all the parked cars and ended up on a quiet and more secluded section of the beach.  It was perfect for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing…and getting really sun burned on your back!


This was the first time we saw and swam with a sea turtle.  While planning our trip to Kauai, I had hoped for an opportunity, but didn’t really believe that it would happen.  It was an incredible experience!  No pictures of our first encounter…but we had another opportunity later in our visit and there will be pictures to prove it!

After returning to our room, we sat on the deck and watched as a rainbow started to the north of us.  We watched it grow into a full bow…and slowly, it made landfall!

A perfect way to end a day on this beautiful island!



2 thoughts on “kauai – second day – north shore

    1. Oh that’s awesome! Glad the photos remind you of something wonderful like 24 years of marriage!
      And YES!!! One of my favorite songs from childhood!!
      I’ll post more soon… we were there for 7 days!

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