June was BUSY!

Two kids graduating and each involving several different events along the way!  It made for a very hectic, but rewarding two weeks!

Jenelle graduated on June 9th and wrapped up our tenure with St. Joe’s!  She went to school over the years with some really great kids!  They are all headed in different directions as there are lots of schools in the area, but I’m certain that she’ll remain close to many of them.

Three amigos! Jenelle, Chloe & Emma!
St. Joe’s 8th grade girls…they far outnumbered the boys!





My precious friend Kirsten!  Our friendship began 10 years ago in the PreK parking lot.  We used to spend almost an hour talking next to our cars after dropping our girls off.  Now a few extra lines on the faces and some well earned grays in the hair is the only difference.  The friendship remains just the same!

Michelle & Kirsten
PreK Graduation
8th Grade Graduation


These kids!!

They started out as carpool buddies and classmates…and became more like brothers and sisters over the past 8+ years.  Although they are not as physically connected as they used to be on a daily basis, they are all still great friends and I have no doubt that they will be there for each other in a heartbeat as the years go on!!




Hannah’s graduation day came on June 13th at the Yakima Sundome!

Just like Jenelle, Hannah has made some very special and close friendships over the past 4 years, but unfortunately, because of the size of the class, I wasn’t able to capture those pre-graduation moments!  They were able to choose someone to enter with and she and one of her very first friends, Taiz, walked down together.


High school is in the books!

A huge shout out to the awesome grandparents who made the long drive from Texas to be here for the girls!IMG_6474IMG_6476

The three things I’m most proud of!!!
Can’t wait to watch the adventures Hannah has ahead of her in Chile!

And even though Ivan didn’t graduate or have any special receptions in his honor this time around, he, just like his sister’s, excelled in school and life over the past year.

We are so so proud of these kids!  Now…time to take a vacation!!

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