May was a busy month with birthdays and end of the year activities.

A quick recap:

Our final St. Joe’s jog-a-thon!  I thought I was going to cry at the end, but I managed to keep it together.  Probably because I’m so happy to be done with year round fundraising for school!

If you’re reading this and you donated to the jog-a-thon over the 10 years that we’ve been attending!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


I’ve known many of these kids since they were in PreK and Kinder and I still find it hard to believe they are on their way to high school!
Jenelle and her “Peace Partner”. Every year at the jog-a-thon, the 8th graders do a lap with the child they’ve been paired up with all year. Out with the old and in with the new!

There was the annual Math & Science night…  Jenelle and her friend Margaret conducted a tasty experiment that dealt with baking soda amounts in the baking process.  Their tiny samples kept an audience through the night!


And one of the last events I attended before the year ended was a Poetry Reading that the school’s awesome Lit teacher holds every year.  The kids all bring coffee and dress like hipsters!

I’m a terrible parent because I don’t remember what Jenelle read and I left to go work out just about as soon as she finished her poem!  But I took a picture and made an appearance! Ha!


Next was Jenelle’s birthday! (and Donald’s too, but he likes much less fanfare…in fact, they are probably on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to desire for attention on their birthday!)

Jenelle is what she refers to as “Hamiltrash”…meaning she LOVES the musical Hamilton (so do most of us in the house)!  Since tickets to the musical in Seattle run approximately $800, I decided on a Hamilton themed cake instead!

I was thrilled that she loved it so much!


May wrapped up with Hannah’s last high school dance – Senior Prom!

She invited her friend Thales, an exchange student from Brazil, to stay with us for the weekend and go to Ike’s Prom.  Just a week or two before, she attended his prom in Leavenworth which is where he was staying on exchange.

I snapped some pictures before they head out for dinner with friends.


Since Hannah was the only one who could drive (she and Thalus went to prom with Heidy (an exchange student from Columbia and Lucas an exchange student from France), she drove them away in her Explorer…long dress and high heels!  It wasn’t quite Cinderella’s chariot to the ball, but it did the job!


And so ends the month of May!

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