swimming again

Several years ago Ivan and Jenelle were on a swim team with our local YMCA.  They swam for about a  year and then left for other activities

I had always enjoyed the swim team environment.  I loved the excitement of the meets and the way the kids could focus on personal bests as a way to gauge their success.

This past fall Jenelle decided that she’d had enough of dance…5 years…and wanted to get back into swimming.  I was all for it!  I had always felt she was a natural in the water – she has great form – and since she’ll be starting high school next year (WHAT???), swimming for Ike would be a great way to get involved and meet new friends.  Starting now at the Y would get her ready for next fall.

So, she joined the Marlins again and had her first swim meet on the first weekend of November.

We got up early and drove to Ellensburg where she would swim at CWU’s Aquatic Center.  Daylight savings hadn’t started yet, so we were treated to the sunrise on our drive into the Ellensburg valley.


Beautiful fall morning on a pretty college campus…



Feeling nervous!


Friends make it  much more fun to wait.


She did set some new personal bests in some of her individual events, and got 3rd place in two of her team relays.  So it was a successful meet and she’s looking forward to the next!

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