halloween 2016

We had some fun Halloween costumes this year!  My friend Lupe even convinced me to add a bit of Halloween flair for our Monday morning raffle collection.


Jenelle went as a “deviled egg” and her friend Margaret as an anime character called Totoro.  They canvased the neighborhood for candy together!


Hannah hung out with her friend Jennifer (the nicest girl who’s here on a foreign exchange from Sweden).  Hannah was Rosie the Riveter and Jennifer dressed up in 1980’s style.


And finally…you had to know that the horse mask would be involved somehow!  That mask has gotten so much use.  Best $25 spent!

Ivan, Jenelle and I went shopping the weekend before Halloween and Ivan made quite a few people smile on the way by leaning his horse head out the window and giving them a LOUD neigh!!


Then for Halloween he wore it again and was a NightMare!


Halloween has changed over the years…they trick or treat now without adults and hang with their friends more than their family.  But its all good and they are having fun and proving you’re never too old for this holiday!

Pounce didn’t dress up, but if he did…maybe it would have been something like this…


The coolest cat on Halloween!

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