trying to play catch-up

I’ve decided I just can’t do it!

I want so badly to post all the things that we saw and did over the summer…while in Texas and back home on our hikes and adventures.  But the more I try to catch up, the further I get behind.  Here we are in the middle of October and I’m trying to post things that happened in June!  At this rate I’ll never catch up!

So I’m going to start fresh…start with this beautiful autumn colored month we are in right now!

Maybe I’ll do a year end wrap up and post more from the summer.  There are LOTS of waterfalls and green hiking trails.  But I have to remember that while each shot is a treasure to me and mine…my reader(s) might not feel the same need to see those same sights from every angle!

So.  In order for me to actually WANT to blog about our life, I’ve realized that I don’t want to always be in catch up mode.  I prefer sharing the here and nows.  And in the future, doing that will make looking back at the blogged memories much less confusing…  “Why am I seeing snowy pictures in June??”, etc.

So – this week includes Jenelle’s world through a lens!  A good camera in the hands of an interested person can create great images!!


It’s not a good picture day in the backyard if Pounc isn’t involved!


Love this one!  “Dare to be different!”




Also…senior picture season is upon us and I’ve been privileged to be asked to shoot pictures for a few kids.

This past Tuesday I took Jack’s pictures and Renee and his brother Colin came along for a few family shots.  So fun and so amazing that this kid I’ve known since 2008 is now a senior!  And what a great young man he is!!


Love this!!


Next up will be pictures of a lovely young lady who’s also a senior!  Any guesses??

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