texas – family reunion & water safari

Our visit to Texas this year serendipitously began with watching the Texas Water Safari.  The Safari (you can familiarize yourself with it here) is always held on the 2nd weekend of June.  But this year, because of high waters and flooding, it was moved out 2 weeks and coincided with our trip back home.  AND…the reunion was being held in New Braunfels which meant only a short drive to watch the start of this amazing race.

Man!  That did bring back some memories!

Donald raced in the Safari for 10 years…and has been away for close to 15 now.  He and Daniel still hold the record for the fastest time in the aluminum category after all these years.

As we watched the race go by in familiar spots, some of the lead boats called out to Donald on the shore – they recognized him – calling him “old timer”.  It brought back the coolest memories of such a different time in our lives.

The kids were really into it – and I love that they were excited about something that meant so much to their dad.

The start in San Marcos…20160625_090050Westerfield Crossing –  this might be the first time Donald’s ever been a spectator here.  He was the one we were all hanging around to watch.  It’s a gorgeous part of the San Marcos river.

And it eats car keys…right Daniel??20160625_09402520160625_09404220160625_094718

We entertained ourselves by making art with clay…

With plenty of time to kill before the family reunion festivities took over, we followed the race for a little longer that day – enjoying all things Texas…20160625_14113420160625_12590420160625_120922

We head back to New Braunfels late that afternoon to be a part of the reunion…img_2769img_2772img_3240

…then head towards Crosby the next day – hoping to make a pit stop to see the race finishers.  Donald and Hannah were following the details of the race on the website that included so much information we were able to figure the estimated time of the first team to arrive.

We made it to the finish line in Seadrift about 5 minutes before the 1st boat came in- the Mynars…first as usual.  Donald and Daniel were there to help them get their boat from Gulf waters.  The last few years that Donald raced, he was on this winning team, so helping them from the water was an honor.

Of course it was HOT AS HELL…so the girls and I hung out under the awning and messed with my camera!

The good…20160626_17400320160626_17385520160626_173727

The bad…20160626_17381020160626_17385020160626_173938

And the WHAT???20160626_17380420160626_17381220160626_17381820160626_173834

Coming up next:

NASA & Galveston

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