a day in the life

One day last week I thought it would be fun to keep track of a typical day for me.

Not often, but occasionally someone will imply that I must not do much because I stay home.  I try not to get offended – I understand that a lot of people equate productivity with money.  And it usually comes from someone who doesn’t know me or our family. I’m sure that there are some moms and/or wives who stay home and actually DO nothing.  But that’s not how we run our house.  If that were the case, I’d be back in the work force pretty dang fast!

Of course every day is different – activities and schedules and “chores” change – but this gives a pretty good idea of what I get up to from the time I get up until the end of the day.

So coffee…that’s pretty important for getting the day going.  Most days I make a hot breakfast for whoever would like one.  I also get Donald’s lunch and coffee ready.  The dishwasher gets emptied, the cat gets fed, kitchen cleaned up, morning carpool if I’m driving, etc.

I try to start a load of laundry when I first get up, but sometimes it doesn’t happen because I’m waiting for the kids to bring their laundry in and get it sorted before they leave for school.  I like to have it finished and folded before everyone gets home so its ready for them to take to their rooms.

Each day I have an area that gets cleaned.  Monday is bathrooms (every other week the kids clean them), Tuesday is the kitchen, Wednesday is floors, Thursday is dusting and Friday is a project catch up day.

The garden is something else that I try to get to before it gets too late…and hot.  Donald does the planting and weeding and I do the picking and prepping.  Onions have already been harvested and this year it’s mostly peppers, green beans and tomatoes I’m keeping up with.

Computer work consists of our personal things as well as the bookkeeping I do for the shopping center down the street.  This part can be a time killer for sure!  Once I get the “work” done, I’m tempted to mess around with photos, news, recipes, etc.  I try hard to save that sort of stuff for Fridays or less busy days.

Lunch break!!  I’ve got lots of books checked out from the library right now so I’ve got to keep reading!

Saving money and feeding very hungry people means lots of baking from scratch.  I need to get better about doubling the recipes and freezing them for later.  One batch of muffins, cookies, etc. is gone too fast!

Ironing…I HATE it…but would rather never pay a dry cleaner for crisp shirts or creased pants!

When I’m organized with my menu and grocery list, my basket is a lot fuller than this, but this day was not one of those times.  After Safeway I also stopped at the bank and our local fruit market for fresh apples.

I’ve been so good about exercise all summer and, so far, into the school year.  I’m running every other day and have worked my way up to 3 miles at a time.  This day was a 4 mile walk with headphones and an Audible book on my phone.

Quick stop by another little market where we occasionally pick up things we miss from England.

After stopping at Deep Sea Deli, I picked Jenelle up from the YMCA where she’s started swim team.  She got herself a snack and started on her homework.

I picked Ivan up from drama after school.  He usually walks to and from school, but he has driver’s ed at night this month, so this day he hitched a ride to make it on time.  Who can resist that smile??


Waiting to pick up my kid!  Last time out of the house for the day…thankfully!!

Dinner dishes are cleaned and the dishwasher started…which is seriously one of the best sounds of the day because it means all the “work” is done!

I shower at night.  I get the whole “shower feels good and wakes me” idea, but with the busyness of mornings and being on the move all day, I’d much rather get cleaned up before I get into bed each night.  Plus…keeps my sheets cleaner longer!

And finally…bed!  Sometimes Donald and I watch Netflix after dinner, but my favorite is to get into bed with a book and get ready to start all over the next day!


Pretty exciting stuff huh?  But now its time for me to do that thing where I pull myself off the computer and get back to work!  I seem to recall typing that Wednesday is floor day.  Blah!

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