palouse falls

We made a very ambitious summer list this year that included lots of waterfalls.  Palouse Falls was one of those.

The thing that makes this waterfall so amazing is that its found in the middle the Eastern Washington plains.  In fact, as you are approaching the spot where the map tells you it will be, you have a hard time imagining that a waterfall is even possible in this area.

But all of a sudden, there it is.  And sadly, my pictures do it no justice.

These falls are 198 feet down the basalt columns…a remnant of the Missoula Floods that carved out so much of this beautiful state after the last ice age.  Breathtakingly gorgeous landscapes and harrowingly steep drops make quite the combination.

If you look closely at the very bottom of this first picture, you’ll see people sitting on a tiny sandbar.  It gives you some perspective of the scope of the area.


This picture.  This boy.  Standing so close to the edge and giving me a heart attack.  It would be the theme of the summer for our hiking adventures.  He got used to me just repeating, “Ivan! Ivan!”.


We didn’t make it down the the bottom of the waterfall pool, but there were side streams that we climbed to and rested our feet.  The water was, in the middle the hot summer and sun soaked park, refreshingly cold!


My hope is to go back sometime soon.  I want to climb the trail that goes to the bottom of the falls.  And I want to take pictures during the early evening hours when the sun is setting and lighting up the incredible colors and landscape.

20160622_12584720160622_13060020160622_17090520160622_170841It was a fun day.  A great start to our many summer adventures!

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