bellevue square with the girls


The week after school let out, the girls and I drove over to Bellevue for a day out while Ivan was acting as a counselor for Ike’s summer drama camp.

Bellevue is a very wealthy suburb of Seattle, so we went with the intention of stopping at the Goodwill there which has a reputation for quality finds (often with tags still on) for next to nothing.

We found – basically – nothing, so we went to the downtown shopping area which is really too expensive, but much prettier to look at.


While we were waiting for our lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, I called Ivan to make sure he’d made it home okay after drama camp. He had, and at the same time informed me that he’d gotten the lead role in a play for the summer called Peter & the Star Catcher.

That made our day!


One of the main reasons I like going to Bellevue is that it has a World Market…one of my favorite stores.  So many neat things and a great world beer section that lets me bring home treats for Donald.

(She’s such a rebel!)


Jenelle and I killed some time while Hannah shopped and then we head home.  It was a quick fun way to kick start the summer.


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