Now its back to the business of trying to compress the last few months of school and summer into a few posts.

I’ll do a “Jenelle” post because she had some activities at the end of the school year, plus a birthday that was a big deal…13!

We have a houseful of teenagers now.

Jenelle ended her 7th grade year by running track with St. Joe’s.

She enjoyed it… and did well.

She wasn’t the fastest, but she had great form and endurance.

It’s amazing she didn’t win considering her feet never appeared to touch the ground.

She actually flew!


And bonus!

She has the least disturbing running face out there – making you believe there was no discomfort at all.

It was her first year to run the St. Joe’s jog-a-thon all by her Baumbach self.


This group of kids will be running their LAST lap as St. Joe’s students in May 2017.

It will also be our families last jog-a-thon and I’m not sure how I’ll feel…a bit of sad and a bit of glad I suppose.

And finally…Number 13!

This little thing…


…has blossomed!


We’ll keep her!

And thus concludes my 2nd post!

So far so good!

Be sure to let me know what you think of the changes!!

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